Feeding Recovery and Rehabilitation

There are a number of healthy practices that people can adopt to increase their wellbeing, aid brain function, improve mood as well as help the body recover from the harmful effects of alcohol or drug abuse. At Hengoed we offer a varied diet, high in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, to feed recovery and rehabilitation for all residents’.

Menus change daily, and seasonally, to ensure mealtimes remain exciting and are tailored to cater for a range of dietary requirements including diabetic, dysphagia soft diets, vegetarian, dairy/glucose intolerances and for those lacking in Vitamin B1- Thiamine. To support needs, the Kitchen Team pride themselves on using fresh ingredients, many of which are locally sourced, to achieve healthy and well balanced diets which are rich in Vitamin B1. We encourage residents to consume less salt, sugars, and saturated fats where possible.

It is common for appetites to diminish with age so it is important we provide every opportunity to eat well, whether this is little and often or during the designated meal times. Our spacious dining room offers an inviting and comfortable space to sit and eat meals whilst socialising with peers. Interacting with peers can often act as a prompt to eat and drink as well as allowing for organic conversations to happen which may evoke memories from the past.

To provide clear communication of food we have a pictorial menu board located in the dining room where daily meals are displayed clearly. This aids those who may have memory loss, cognitive impairment, or limitations with vision to remain independent and make informed choices about their eating. A serving hatch supports choice at mealtimes so individuals can view, choose, and collect their meals independently.

A self-serve drinks station located in the dining room serves as a prompt for residents’ to stay hydrated throughout the day and further promote independent living skills.


“We work hard to develop menus in collaboration with residents and specialist advisors to ensure needs are met as well as savoured”.  

Head of Kitchen

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